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Our names are Ezzy Rider(Kyna's Ducati) and Jagger. We live in Roswell, Georgia USA with our humans Wendy and Bill and our cat siblings Tovah, Shana, Annie, Jr. and Sammy. Mom and Dad take us to the Breakfast Cafe on Sundays where we have biscuits and cheese and meet new friends. We are looking forward to you signing our blog and will keep you posted of all our adventures. Thank-you Ezzy Rider and Jagger

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Friday, April 17, 2009


My girlfriend Barbara emailed this to me and I had to share. Makes you want to go out and get a puppy?
How to prepare for a puppy - 12 Easy Steps1. Pour cold apple juice on the carpet in several places and walk around barefoot in the dark.2. Wear a sock to work that has had the toes shredded by a blender.3. Immediately upon waking, stand outside in the rain and dark saying, "Be a good puppy, go potty now - hurry up - come on, lets go!"4. Cover all your best suits with dog hair. Dark suits must use white hair and lightsuits must use dark hair. Also float some hair in your first cup of coffee in the morning.5. Play "catch" with a wet tennis ball.6. Run out in the snow in your bare feet to close the gate.7. Tip over a basket of clean laundry, scatter clothing all over the floor.8. Leave your underwear on the living room floor, because that's where the dog will drag it anyway. (Especially when you have company.)9. Jump out of your chair shortly before the end of your favorite TV program and run to the door shouting, "No no! Do that OUTSIDE!" Miss the end of the program.10. Put chocolate pudding on the carpet in the morning, and don't try to clean it up until you return from work that evening.11. Gouge the leg of the dining room table several times with a screwdriver - it's going to get chewed on anyway.12. Take a warm and cuddly blanket out of the dryer and immediately wrap it around yourself. This is the feeling you will get when your puppy falls asleep on your lap.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Mom and Dad worked in the garden all day and I decided to go on a ride on my Ducati.

Ezzy Rider

Friday, April 10, 2009


Can you guess what breed of dog this is, LOL


Is this not cool. My friend Joann makes clocks out of your pets photo. Contact me if you are interested in having your pet on the face of a clock.


This photo was taken last year . We found these babies in a vine. This is our state bird.. "Thrasher' They grew up and flew off safely without a bark from us, Ezzy and Jagger.