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Our names are Ezzy Rider(Kyna's Ducati) and Jagger. We live in Roswell, Georgia USA with our humans Wendy and Bill and our cat siblings Tovah, Shana, Annie, Jr. and Sammy. Mom and Dad take us to the Breakfast Cafe on Sundays where we have biscuits and cheese and meet new friends. We are looking forward to you signing our blog and will keep you posted of all our adventures. Thank-you Ezzy Rider and Jagger

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Well Done Jagger

Our boy Jagger completed level one Obedience Class. Not only did he get a diploma but a bag of cookies... In two weeks we start Rally and obedience level two.
We had our garden renovated just for the Airedales and Jagger has removed bricks from the porch already..He is so special.. Want adventure? Own an Airedale!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Yesterday morning I heard all this Airedale barking and howling and ran out to see what was going on and this cute Raccoon was sitting on the fence watching the Dog and Pony show. He must have sat there for 30 minutes.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Jagger, The Stream Roller

Hi , I am growing by leaps and bounds and when I was adopted my weight was 71 and now I weigh 84. I am in obedience school and my teacher feels so sorry for my Mom . I have been known for howling while heeling in class because I see lots of horses and another cute Airedale my teacher owns. Saturday I pulled my Mom a little to hard and she went down. Joan our teacher is having a free class with us tomorrow because she said I need help!!
Last year I heard that Mom and Dad had a beautiful English garden and now they are wondering why things are not blooming and all the garden art work is in shreds and even the bird houses have been misplaced. When I walk I am like a wild boar coming through the brush. I do not know how I got so big but I have a feeling I have not finished growing. Mom has posted some of the damage I have done but they still feed me and kiss me so I must be doing something right.